The waterfront is Geelong's new playground. Once a rundown derelict area left over from the days of a wool shipping port, this region has been transformed into one of Australia's finest waterfront precincts.

Tens of millions of dollars from both government and corporate investments have the area into the jewel of Geelong. Restaurants, hotels, apartments and leisure areas combine to make Geelong's waterfront a favourite for locals and visitors alike.

The redevelopment started in the mid 1990's with the redevelopment of the historic Eastern Beach swimming enclosure.

Parklands and public works infrastructure soon began, with beautiful streetscapes filed with palm trees and other exotic plantings. The baywalk and artwork followed including the more than 100 bollards painted by local artist Jan Mitchell. Deakin University, The Ford Discovery Centre, the Cunningham Pier re-development and Sheraton Four Seasons Hotel soon followed to make the city the lively town it is today.

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