Situated in-between Portarlington to the North West and Queenscliff to the South; St Leonards and neighbouring Indented Head are two small seaside townships on the eastern end of the Bellarine Peninsula some 30 kilometres east of Geelong's centre.

Like most of the Bellarine Peninsula, the townships are a haven for holiday makers over the summer months, with camping grounds stretching the shoreline. Hundreds of holiday makers with their caravans, tents and campers enjoy the laid back relaxing lifestyle and the calm waters of Port Phillip Bay.

In only a short period of about 20 years, the Esplanade has gone from a strip of small holiday houses and wooden or fibro shacks to hundreds of double story houses many with stunning architectural features built to take in the magnificent views across Port Phillip Bay. The area is still popular with retirees escaping the city life but property values have skyrocketed in recent years, due to its proximity to Geelong and its tranquillity at the northern face of the Bellarine Peninsula.

Indented Head to the north of St Leonards doesn't have much in the way of facilities but St Leonards has a good shopping strip with cafes, restaurants, a supermarket and a few speciality stores. The St Leonards Pub with its expansive beer garden proudly sits on the corner of the Esplanade and Murradoc Road overlooking the St Leonards Pier.

Most of St Leonards is surrounded by a salt marsh which is a major wildlife reserve. The marsh is a very important habitat for a wealth of birdlife in the region including pelicans, ibis, waterfowl and the endangered orange bellied parrot. The Salt Lagoon which is a shallow hyper saline lake covers about 50 hectares to the north of the township and is a State Nature Reserve, while to the south of St Leonards is Swan Bay which is breeding ground for many species of fish and home to Duck Island which is an important barrier island and part of the Port Phillip Marine National Park.

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