For over 150 years the annual Geelong Highland Gathering has been a must see on the Geelong events calendar. Dating back to 1857 the gathering has brought people from United Kingdom stock together to celebrate their culture and diversity in a wonderful display of colour, music, dance and sportsmanship.

The Geelong Highland Gathering Association puts on one of the most popular, and comprehensive displays of Scottish culture, livestock, merchandise and musical folklore in Australia and known for attracting numbers in the vicinity of 6000 people annually, with people all around the country making the pilgrimage to Geelong to attend the event.

Some of the highlights of the event include the Australian Haggis Hurling Championships; this event is a real winner with the large crowd and so much fun. Wood chopping is another great spectator sport where big burley men chop timber as if it was butter. There are also some very talented Scottish folk bands and singers and of course the incredible highland dancing all offering enjoyable entertainment throughout the day.

The highlight of the day is the sight and sounds of the massed pipe bands marching on the field with their bag pipes and drums. It is a multi-sensory thrill with the bagpipes sending shivers down your spine while your eyes and ears are amazed at the spectacle.

For animal lovers the Highland Gathering offers a chance to get up close to some of the animals Scotland is famous for. Beautiful woolly highland and Galloway cattle and Shetland ponies and of course the cute little Scottish terrier dogs and puppies; they are just so cute.

A day celebrating everything Scottish isn't complete without trying some of the sometimes interesting but very tasty Scottish delicacies. Why not try some Haggis or some tasty Scottish sausages, and just try to resist the beautiful shortbreads or scones with whipped cream and jam.

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