Standing to the east of our city on Corio bay is our much loved and magnificent Art Deco masterpiece, Eastern Beach. It has been a favourite destination for families since opening in the late 1930s and is as popular today as it was then.

Eastern Beach was fully restored during the 1990's as the first part of our major Waterfront precinct rejuvenation.

The swimming enclosure is one of Geelong's most know icons, this huge double platform wooden structure complete with shark gate sweeps in a half circle around 8 1/2 acres of sea water. The enclosure has diving board, floating islands and slides and can hold thousands of swimmers, with a nice sandy beach backing onto the children's pool.

The children's pool is a shallow cement pool which includes a magnificent fountain in the centre. The pool has been an important learn to swim centre for the city for decades and is very busy on warm days.

Eastern Beach has a beautiful red brick art deco kiosk building which is home to one of the city's finest dining experiences, and a large al fresco dining area out the front. The kiosk also sells plenty of ice cold drinks and ice creams for visitors to the beach. The paved area is also home to a lovely lifesavers and change pavilion with red terracotta tiles. A huge playground for the young is on the east side in the parkland and is a favourite all year round.

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