In recent years Geelong's dining scene has boomed with dozens of new and exciting tastes and venues opening up all over the city and surrounds. Geelong has a dining experience for everyone; we have everything from a casual and very affordable meal right up to the five star silver service and gourmet's delight.

Then there are the Geelong institutions, places that are like nowhere else and Geelong is famous for, like the Rheingold Bavarian Restaurant which is more of an experience than a night out. Host Erik parades his famous spit roasted pig around in a fun floor show. There's no better pizza than the Wood Oven in Mercer Street and you haven't been out in Geelong unless you have had a big juicy burger on the way home from Texas Burgers at 3AM.

For decades people wanting fine dining have flocked to Fisherman's Pier or Fisho's as it has been affectionately or Le Parisian overlooking our waterfront still both favourites today. But now competition is fierce and there are plenty of new and exciting names and flavours taking part in providing the Geelong dining experience. New names like Baveras on Cunningham Pier, The Empire Grill, Parker's Steak House and Riviera are setting new standards in Geelong cuisine.

Geelong has a huge array of international flavours including, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Thai and there are Indian restaurants which in recent times have been popping up like mushrooms offering some amazing curries and great value and service.

With the beautiful fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood and wine grown on our doorsteps it's no wonder Geelong has some amazing dining experiences.

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