Geelong's spectacular Botanical Gardens are set in tranquil Eastern Park and date back to 1851.

The Gardens feature two gardens, the traditional botanical gardens with magnificent plantings and a wide collection of exotic plants plus a recent addition to the gardens to celebrate its 150th anniversary. This new garden is an ultra modern futuristic garden celebrating plants that live in dry conditions, cacti, succulents and some very unique bottle trees originating from Queensland make up an amazing landscape. Combined with some very interesting artworks and modern landscaping this remarkable garden is a must for any visitor and is quiet breath taking.

The traditional gardens are home to the original Eastern Beach cranes which were moved to the gardens to protect them and replaced with replicas. Other interesting artwork includes a pair of Jan Mitchell's beautiful bollards at the garden's entrance and some very decorative Victorian sculptures and fountains.

The traditional garden is home to many treasured plants including a Ginko Biloba which is regarded the finest in Australia and was planted in the gardens in 1859 and extremely rare. Another favourite is the Jubaea chilensis or Chilean Wine Palm which stand tall overlooking the gardens below. Some of Geelong's best examples of the magnificent Morton Bay Fig are also found in the garden with their huge trunk system, they are quiet stunning. Also popular is the large glasshouse with a very impressive collection of Pelargonium and many exotic tropical plants. The Gardens is home to 30 trees registered on the National Trust significant tree register.

Open daily the gardens are a favourite setting for weddings and a very popular place for wedding photos amongst the lush and unique plantings. Also throughout the year many performance arts are held with the gardens giving a beautiful backdrop.

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