The Australian International Airshow is the region's biggest event's and attracts numbers close to 200,000 people. Held every second year, on the odd numbered year, at Avalon Airport the event is not only a brings tourism and business to Geelong it generates millions of dollars for the for Australia's Aerospace industry.

The event starts of with the first days of the event being trade days where the Aerospace Industry comes to show off and sell their latest technologies to governments, airlines, and the world's defence forces. Not only can trade visitors attend seminars and see static displays but there are flying displays and a chance to get see many of the technologies first hand.

Friday afternoon and the weekend sees the show opened to the public. The event takes a new turn and becomes a huge flying display and static expo where the tens of thousands of visitors can get up close to aircraft they can only dream of and see many of them fly in stunning and amazing displays.

The Friday night-time spectacular is always a huge crowd favourite at the Airshow. Here a massive night time program lights up the sky with fighter jets, mock battles and a breathtaking afterburner fly-past by our air force. It is a must see.

The public days see virtually nonstop flying activity, from a huge range of aircraft from the home made hobby planes to the biggest commercial jet airliners and dozens of thrilling military aircraft including a huge display from the US and Australian Air forces.

The static displays offer an up close look at a wide range of aircraft with many open for inspection. The Airshow is also used as a career expo for our armed services and the Air force and Army bring some very interesting displays of both equipment and technology to the show, with a wealth of useful information for anyone interested in a military based career.

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